The American Legion Success in America

The American Legion, founded in the period preceding World War 1 has been very instrumental in providing the care attention that war veterans desperately need. Started in 1919, The American Legion was founded by a magazine editor, Arthur Sullivant Hoffman, who was concerned about America’s inaction in the World War. With the help of the then eldest son of the United States President, Theodore Roosevelt. by 1917 the Legion had 23,000 members with up to 77 professions. It was then incorporated in 1917.

Not long after there was the need for a similar organization as many of the soldiers who had been on European duty were trapped in France with little possibility of going back home shortly. The troops were dissatisfied with their conditions and had started developing dissent for the US government. However, the United States government knew very well of the Bolshevik uprisings in Finland, Germany, Russia, and Hungary as a result of a similar. So as not to risk a similar revolution an organization was formed with the help Theodore Roosevelt Jr. compose of all the members of the AEF.

Today the American Legion is one of the biggest war veteran services in the United States with lots of veteran and military information available. It specializes in providing wartime veterans with the services that they desperately need. With the US involvement in the Middle East, the number of warfighters has increased substantially over the years. For instance, since the September 11 attacks, the number of military personnel in Iraq has grown tenfold. Our men and women go out into dangerous areas in the name of protecting the United States and stop worldwide terrorism, and the American Legion’s goal is to make sure those men and women are taken care of when they return from deployment.

After their service many war veterans upon coming back home find it hard to settle back in. A lot of them become unemployed and end up on the streets with no one to take care of them. Despite the government taking some consideration in the affairs of war veterans, their situation is not getting better as fast as it should. It is surprising that a country like the United States has not established a program to resettle their war heroes in their homeland.

The people that suffer the most are the war veterans who come back physically challenged. Without a program to take care of them. They are forced to live miserable lives even after serving their country and losing part of their body in defense of their country.

The American Legion has been instrumental in ensuring that these veterans are catered for when they come back from war. The American Legion offers programs that give war veterans and servicemen the chance to start life again after the war. The kind of community and mentorship offered at The American Legion provides the environment that one needs to build themselves into productive members of the society.

Athletic programs like the American Legion Baseball has been very successful in teaching young veterans the importance of citizenship, sportsmanship and fitness. Another program called ‘Operation Comfort Warriors’ provides wounded veterans with the medical care and treatment. The hospital they are housed in is designed to make the heroes feel a little bit like home. The American Legion will continue to do everything possible to rehabilitate our heroes.

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Benefits of being a Member of the American Legion

The United States is one of the most heavily invested countries regarding military personnel. There were over 6 million soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan from the United States alone in the last couple years. Many of these are people who volunteered to join the army in order to serve their country. However when the war is over, and the soldiers come back to their homes, they find it hard to re-integrate into society. Months or even years of war has a profound mental and even physical effect on a person.

Indeed, many psychiatrists today admit that the emotional and psychological effects of war are far worse than they had previously thought. Soldiers come back with problems ranging from anger management issues, difficulties in forming relationships and other symptoms of post-traumatic disorders. These soldiers need professional help so that they can lead successful lives when they start living as regular civilians.

Unfortunately, however, as evidenced by the current case of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) in the Obama administration, has failed to provide vital services to war veterans and servicemen. Indeed, many of them are on the streets jobless and finding it hard to meet their daily needs. Although some soldiers are perfectly able to get jobs, some even those with degrees, still struggle to find employment.

Such conditions led to the creation of institutions like The American Legion to meet the high demand for such services. Started in 1991, The American Legion has helped millions of vets reintegrate into society. It is composed of programs that are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each soldier.

Legionnaires have access to facilities that are handed to them from the government or private companies through The American Legion. Members have access to low-cost insurance services through The American Legion Life Insurance. As a war veteran, life insurance is one of the services you have to ensure that you have set in place; this is to make sure that incase of your passing your family can sustain itself.

Various companies also offer special discounts to war veterans. The cuts mean that you will spend a lot less than other people in purchasing commodities like cars, houses, etc. As mentioned above many war vets require medical attention. Some of them require special procedures and drugs that are expensive to purchase. Many war veterans shy away from necessary treatments caused by injuries that were inflicted during the war. Through The American Legion vets can receive vital medical care through programs like ‘The Operation Comfort Warriors ’. The program aims to make medical care as cheap as it can for vets while also making sure that they get quality medical care; The American Legion wants to make the hospital feel like home for the veterans and service members.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a member of The American Legion is the support you get from a large number of soldiers who are in a similar situation. Here you will find people who had similar experiences as you and who you can relate with easily. These are people that can help you grow as a person and also help you forge lasting friendships.

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The serious predicament of war veterans

The Obama administration has undergone constant scrutiny as to the way his government handles war veterans. In his administration the situation of war veterans who come from Iraq and Afghanistan has been getting worse. Indeed, many veterans think that the Obama administration has done more poorly than the Bush administration in caring for war veterans.

A poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post brought out some statistics that showed exactly the kind of hardships that veterans face when they come back in America. Despite all the hype and pomp that comes when the soldiers return to the country, our heroes end up suffering physical, mentally and financially when they start their lives back home.

The war takes a heavy toll on the soldiers, and they end up carrying the wounds back home. The emotional effect that it has on the soldiers is far much worse than many psychiatrists had previously estimated. Many veterans suffer from past post-traumatic stress. This is apparent in their inability to form lasting relationships, the high number of suicide attempts by war veterans, and outburst of anger. Such symptoms are clear signs that these people suffer mentally and thus would require professional help to get better if they are to live healthy lives.

The Department of Veteran Affairs is chiefly responsible for catering for the veterans; the institution is supported by the Pentagon and other government agencies. Many vets, however, feel that the department if veteran affairs have not been doing its job. 60 percent of them say that the VA has been doing a dismal job of addressing the needs of war vets.

Many of the vets are women and 18-year-olds who join directly from high school. In the war zone, the young and the women are the most vulnerable, they, however, go out of their way to give they’re all including their lives in some instance in service of their country. More than 280,000 women have enrolled in the military.

Although the G.I Bill that came after 9-11 has helped a lot of vets, the situation on the ground is far from the desired level. Many are still struggling with wounds both physical and emotional injuries that have not been catered for by the government.

Fortunately, organizations such as The American Legion have stepped in to provide some of the vital services that are needed by the war veterans. The American Legion was formed in the aftermath of the First World War when American army officers coming from the war were in deep need of services that no one at the time was willing to provide.

The institution stepped in with a listing of thousands of AEF. The American Legion is now one of the biggest organizations providing vital services for our war heroes back home. With the help of the VA, the Pentagon, and other government agencies, thousands of Legionnaires have successfully been integrated into the society because of the leadership skills and the work ethic that they learned while in the army.

Some of these people end up becoming very productive members of the society. However the fact remains that many vets still find it hard to integrate themselves back into civilian life. It takes the efforts of some institutions to solve the problem.

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